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    The Concrete Countertop Alternative

    A handcrafted hybrid stone unlike any other surface available today

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    Subtle. Low Sheen. Timeless.

    Aesthetically pleasing, timeless works of functional art

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    Non-Porous. No Resealing Required.

    Unrivaled stain resistance and no need for chemical resealing

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    Handcrafted. Environmentally Friendly.

    Cast to exact customer specifications, producing zero waste

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    Protected by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

    Manufacturer defects are covered for the duration you own the product

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    Commercial. Residential. Indoor. Outdoor.

    Castone Counters beautifully complement any living or working space

Supremely Practical. Uniquely Elegant. Environmentally Friendly.

Commercial and residential Castone by ReVelle is for discerning clientele who desire a truly unique, luxury product and demand the finest in quality and craftsmanship.

  • Handcrafted

Castone by ReVelle is a handcrafted hybrid stone unlike any other surface material available today.

  • Low Sheen Finish

Unlike shiny surfaces, Castone by ReVelle has a low sheen matte finish and subtle aesthetic.

  • Non-Porous

Our proprietary finishing process creates a non-porous surface that prevents staining.

  • Virtually Stain Proof

Unlike honed materials, our countertops are non-porous, and virtually stain proof.

  • Heat Resistant to 400°

Your peace of mind is assured by a highly durable product that is heat resistant up to 400°F.

  • Never Needs Resealing

Our surfaces come pre-sealed and are non-porous, and thus never require resealing unless damaged.

  • 99% Natural Product

Castone by ReVelle is 99% natural. What’s more, our casting process produces virtually zero waste.

  • 15-Year Limited Warranty

15-Year Limited Warranty on all indoor dry applications. See our FAQ for details.